【The truth of the Karmapa incident】

Taiwan Mirror Weekly reported on January 23, 2019, that Jane Huang falsely accused the Karmapa and Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, but the facts proved that the allegations were untrue.



The #MeToo movement started in the United States in 2017. The original intention of this movement was to speak out for victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault.  However, because of the endorsement of this movement, some unruly women have set up plans to slander men with socio-economic status and use this to trick money.


A Taiwanese woman, Jane Huang(H), told the Mirror Weekly magazine that she claimed to be the Karmapa's girlfriend, and the two had had three sexual relations.  At the same time, another Hong Kong woman Wu Hang Yee(Wu), aka鄔幸兒 also claimed to have had sex with the Karmapa three times.  The two women are very interested in the #MeToo movement. They should have studied the articles on the #MeToo movement reported by American media, so they also shouted #MeToo with great fanfare and declared that they were victims.  Wu asked the Karmapa, "The other person and I each want to receive compensation of 10 Million U.S. dollarsIn addition to these two women, there is also a woman from China, Vikki Hui Xin Han, also known as Dazhen Shi, who lives in Canada. She accused the Karmapa of "she was sexually assaulted in the retreat, gave birth to a daughter, and was abandoned."

Is this a coincidence?  The three of them even used the photos and account information of the same person.  They planned carefully to conspire with fraud.  The Canadian woman Vikki Hui Xin Han aka Dazhen Shi: "His name and identity are more than 10 Million US dollars."


They set up fake Skype and Line accounts, claiming to be owned by Karmapa.  They make up a fictional story, accusing the Karmapa of dating many women at the same time.  They even made fake audio recordings, slandering the Karmapa.  (Jane Huang studied filmmaking in the U.S.)

Due to the special status of His Holiness Karmapa, the Indian and Tibetan governments in exile assign a number of military police to guard his personal safety 24 hours a day. Even if Karmapa teaches abroad, the government in that country will specially arrange security personnel to accompany him.  Therefore,  Karmapa has absolutely no freedom to act in private.  Karmapa receives many believers from all over the world every day, and these three women have met Karmapa as well as the public.  Karmapa may not even know them.


The #MeToo movement inspired them, and they estimated that with the name and status of His Holiness Karmapa, his worth should be more than 50 Million US dollars.  Karmapa should be the most famous international celebrity they have contacted.  They should know that Karmapa is very compassionate. Even if their scams are broken down, the Karmapa will forgive them. They can retreat all over, so the Karmapa is their best target.

There are many people around the Karmapa at all times, so this incident broke out, all the witnesses and physical evidence pointed at them lying, fictional stories, slander the Karmapa, and deceive the public.


For the sake of money, they actually used the #MeToo movement to pretend to be a victim, and targeted the monk as a prey for fraud, threatening to intimidate the monk and giving them huge sums of money.  Such behavior completely distorted the goodwill of the #MeToo movement and slandered and framed innocent people.

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