【Vikki Hui Xin Han aka Dazhen Shi "Stealing Photos and Information"】

Allegations 1:  


Ms. Wu Hang-Yee claimed that a nun had returned to secular status because of Karmapa. 


Allegations 2:  


A Facebook account named "Linda Peng" has been accused of Karmapa on the Internet, claiming to have a lot of private evidence.


Allegations 3:  


A Facebook account called Dazhen Shi aka Vikki Hui Xin Han has been accused of Karmapa on the Internet, claiming that her sister had sex with Karmapa in a retreat room in the United States, and threatened to sue and claim. 


Dazhen Shi:My elder sister said that Karmapa could regard himself as the emperor, but he didn’t understand the truth. The harem had three thousand beauties and needed the queen to manage. Haha, there was no way for Karmapa and sister to speak out. It must be Karmapa ’s wife. Unfortunately, Karmapa does not understand that sister can make this kind of biography never exist, but now it is too late to say, because after talking with the lawyer, the news will soon be overwhelming. At that time, Karmapa still prays for less sentence for a few years!



 The headlines of the news are all well thought out. 


Karmapa raped the nun in the female retreat room.  The nun was pregnant with tolerance, was interrupted to practice, gave birth to a child, and the mother and daughter were abandoned after giving birth. Karmapa has not yet met with her daughter, and the H scandal revealed that the mother and daughter were swindled and appealed.  Now mother and daughter can only be given justice through the law!


Sister said that when such news came out, who could have the power to return to heaven?  Uncle Ha ha, it seems that Karmapa is about to go to jail to eat buns.  Na Na


Dazhen Shi: Whether he has done it is his business, and the court will enforce it.  His name and his identity are more than 10 million US dollars. The lawyer's estimate should be at least 50 million US dollars. My sister will not reconcile with him. The court case file will always be publicly available online.


Clarify the allegations


Third-party evidence has shown that all three allegations involved a Dharma friend named Khadro Yeshe, whose posts were stolen.  


The following is a conversation between Lodrorinchen and Khadro Yeshe  Most of Lodrorinchen responded by voice, and Khadro Yeshe responded by text, so Lodrorinchen’s part could not be translated.


 Lodrorinchen is represented by L, and Khadro Yeshe is represented by K.  


L Hello, my friend is KTD Ani Luo Zhuo , my name is Lodrorinchen.

K:  Hi, nice to meet you.

K:  My name is Khadro Yeshe, please call me Yeshe.


K:  OK, thank you very much, thank you for your concern, thank you!


K:  The whole thing was not clear to me at first. It wasn't until a lot of people came to me to ask me that I started to pay attention to this incident and found that I seemed to be involved.


K:  Yes, but I didn’t see it myself. I listened to friends telling me. So far I don’t know which photo it is.


K:  It ’s all mine. 

K:  The first one was taken with a friend. 

K:  That was just after I took part in a short retreat.

L:  So, what about this poster: (Cover photo of Mirror Weekly)

K:  also me.

K:  It's me too. 

K:  It's me. 

K:  I just looked carefully at the words written on it.

L:  Understand, understand.  

L:  Yes

K:  Have written about dating 4-5 years.  

K:  This is wrong.  

K:  I didn't know Karmapa in 2015.

K:  It means I know Karmapa, but Karmapa doesn't know me at all.


K:  The first time I spoke with Karmapa was in Dharamsala, and I only met for 5 minutes. I also want to ask about the retreat.

K:  I am willing to clarify, I am very willing to clarify.

K:  I'm not sure what's going on. Dharamsala needs an appointment to meet.

K:  I met for 5 minutes that day and there were dozens of people around. 

K:  only this time.


K:  I left Dharamsala by plane the next day.

K:  There are specific times, as well as appointment letters.

L:  That's bothering you. 

L:  Just time.

K:  The specific time was to see Karmapa in Dharamsala in 2016, and it was a public interview on Wednesday.

K:  I entered the retreat in 2016.

K:  Regarding the information of the retreat room, sorry to keep it confidential.  Information on retreats must not be made public.


K:  So my Facebook account was before the retreat. After the retreat in 2016, I didn’t log in.

K:  I've only seen Karmapa once, and it was during public reception.


K:  I don't dare to be 100% sure whether it is misappropriation or taking the information.

K:  My Dharma name was given by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, and it was called Khadro Yeshe.

K:  I only saw Karmapa once before retreat.


K:  Seen twice in the retreat.

K:  At first the account could not be accessed, and later I retrieved the password. Then I changed the password immediately and then closed the account.

L:  Also, is this your email: xiaobao202020@gmail.com

K:  After I was sick and left the retreat, I saw Karmapa again.  Went with manager Karmalin and the messenger of Khenpo Rinpoche. In the conference room on the first floor of the palace, the glass doors were transparent.


L:  Linda Peng ,Bai yu

K:  It seems like Linda peng, I have forgotten that the email address is not mine.


K:  No, it was in 2017. The reason I met was because I was sick and had to leave the retreat, so I needed to ask Karmapa to bless.

K:  I haven't seen Karmapa throughout 2018.


K:  I have only seen Karmapa four times.  In fact, a few months ago, I felt a bit strange and called the police early.


K:  No, because nothing happens, mainly personal and financial issues.

L:  Understand, understand.  

K:  This is what I want to say most.  

L:  Understand, when we clarify will be particularly emphasized.  Also, may I ask when we clarify: 1. Your Dharma name 2. You live in Canada 3. You have only seen Karmapa four times 4. Your account has been stolen 5. You are shown in the picture, but,  It was stolen.  Please don't bother you anymore.  is this OK?

K:  I also hope that this matter will end as soon as possible, otherwise it will bring more harm.

K:  Yes, great.  Thank you very much, thanks!

L:  Thank you, ok

K:  If you still need any information, please feel free to leave me a message and I will cooperate with you.

K:  Thanks again! 

L:  Thank you for your assistance, and hope you have a well recovery.

K:  Okay, I agree. It's still thoughtful of you, so let's put that one that everyone has seen. Thank you

L:  OK, thank you, yes this is it.

L:  OK, then don't bother you!  Thank you. 

K:  Thank you.


My Dharma name is Khadro Yeshe, and I live in Canada.  I have seen Karmapa four times since 2016.  Recently, due to the theft of my account password, I was involved in this incident innocently. I am deeply sorry and helpless.  My personal information was also leaked because of this.  But so far, apart from clarifying the facts, I do not want to hold anyone accountable.


Because as a disciple of the Buddha, no matter how stigmatized, slandered, framed, or hurt, I will regard it as a kind of superior adverse conditions, and I will treat everyone in life with love.  Treat those who hurt and slandered as the best relatives and friends.  No matter how big the obstacle will be on the way to becoming a Buddha in the future, the obstacles that have already occurred will be created, and the obstacles that will be created will be eliminated.  And always believe that under the blessing of the guru, we will be invincible.  May all my pure white karma Give the virtues back to all sentient beings, and they will concentrate on the Dharma.  May it become the vine that cuts off the present world and ingests the cause of full justice!  Karmapa Chenno


K:  Would you please take a look at it?  does it reach the requirement?  Sorry to bother you, thank you and good night.


Khadro Yeshe



B. Who is Dazhen Shi aka Vikki Hui Xin Han?】


1.    The real name and appearance of this self-proclaimed Dazhen Shi are unclear.  The photos she shared were all photos modified using photoshop software, so no one knew her true face, nor did she confirm her real name. She was a KTD student and she came from China.(Recently, we know how she looks as her true name Vikki Hui Xin Han)


2.    In early 2019, Dazhen Shi posted a post "Sister was raped and gave birth to a girl in the retreat house, and was abandoned". When the Facebook page "Karmapa Incident-Finding the Truth" published an article about the stolen accounts and photos of Kanzeo Yeshe, Dazhen Shi since then, she changed her name to "Zhang Yang" and left messages in "The Karmapa Incident-Finding the Truth".


3.    In March 2020, Dazhen Shi reported to Facebook that the "Karmapa Incident-Finding the Truth" and "Karmapa Incident-The Truth Investigation" used her photo  without her permission.  The photo she refers to is the stolen, retouched photo of Khadro Yeshe  This photo looks like a star, it is difficult to distinguish who is who, so Dazhen Shi uses this to claim that the person who took the photo is her.


But Khadro Yeshe who talked with Lodrorinchen was introduced by Master Luo Zhuo, a senior nun of KTD of Karmapa American Monastery.  (Does KTD’s monk and nun threaten Dazhen Shi to make false confessions? She describes a Buddhist group as a Nazi terrorist organization) Kanzeo Yeshe has only seen Karmapa four times, she said that Karmapa may not  Know her.


4.    Dazhen Shi reported Facebook, and the related posts about "Khadro Yeshe" in Facebook were deleted in "Karmapa Incident-Finding the Truth" and "Karmapa Incident-Truth Investigation".  Dazhen Shi’s motives were obvious. To conceal the evidence, she began to call herself “Kanzeo Yeshe ” and began to post articles on her Facebook page to defame Karmapa.  


We can reasonably suspect that Dazhen Shi should be the most suspected of misappropriating the account and photos of "Kanzeo Yeshe", so she is 

very clear about Khadro Yeshe’s situation.  She then compiled stories based on Kanzeo Yeshe's data.  Khadro Yeshe   was ill and had to stop the retreat and leave the retreat.  Based on this information, Dazhen Shi wrote" The nun was pregnant for seven months, forced abortion and returned to secular life; the nun was raped in the retreat, the retreat was interrupted, returned to secular life, gave birth to a girl... etc." and then gave these fake materials to Wu Hang-Yee.


"What you have done will definitely leave traces" In this case, the account and photo of Khadro Yeshe  was stolen. There is an email xiaobao202020@gmail.com, but this email is not owned by Khadro Yeshe.   This may belong to the thief, and it happened that Dazhen Shi called her daughter "Xiaobao".


5.    Dazhen Shi said last year that her sister was raped by Karmapa. This year, she changed her mind to say that she was raped and gave birth to a girl. Her remarks were inconsistent.  If it is really raped, this is a very serious matter, not to mention that she also emphasizes that there is DNA evidence, then she should call the police!  (She can do a DNApaternity test and know who the father is.). Have time to keep posting complaints on her own Facebook page, don’t have time to call the police?  Facebook is not a police station or a judge! 


a. A report by the official DNA testing center includes
  1. The name and related information of the testing center. 2. The identity, name, birthday, and relationship of the tested person.  3. Sample  4. Summary  The following is the paternity test report of the father and child.

Dazhen Shi's DNA report is full of doubts

 1.  Why email?  The hospital will give a complete original test report.
 2.  Why is there no name of the testing center?  Now we understand that because Dazhen Shi (Non Ame) tampered with the test report and feared being sued by the testing center, he dared not let people know that it was the report of that center.
 3.  Why is the name of the "Alleged Father: Stain on underwear" appraised person’s father’s “stain on underwear”?  The “stain on underwear” should be a sample, not the father's name!
 4. What can a stained underwear prove?  Maybe it's Dazhen Shi's husband, and the husband and wife teamed up to defraud.

 What does this DNA identification report have to do with Karmapa?  It would be too foolish to take a false DNA paternity test report (a piece of waste paper) with no name, no surname, and unclear, full of errors and tampering with it!


a.    Dazhen Shi claims that she has a lot of evidence. The so-called evidences are all the Fake Karmapa Line accounts of Wu Hang-Yee’s fat bird Thai name  "กาก scum". The account is fake. Will the communication records and audio of the fake account be true?


b.   Dazhen Shi claimed that she was raped and was abandoned after giving birth.  Dazhen Shi said her daughter’s birthday was the same day as Karmapa, mid-June 2018.

Dazhen Shi:After receiving my request for help, my friend immediately booked a flight ticket and a hotel to the United States and directly took me back to Canada for delivery.  And arrange accommodation, contact the doctor and need for labor, as well as all items prepared for the baby.


Although he and I live under the same roof, we have separate rooms for each other.  At that time, I was accompanied by him every time I had a pre-natal check.  We had already negotiated at that time, and later he would be my daughter's godfather.  As the 

baby grew older, my body slowly recovered. When the baby was about 4 months old, he had already returned to the United States to work.


Since my pregnancy until now, almost I am alone, taking care of the children 24 hours a day, Karmapa abandoned us, he has not seen the child.  For nearly three years, I have never slept a full night, and I am alone.  The hardship of the child was beyond my expectation. I even took tens of times more effort and energy to take care of this child than ordinary people, because she was so innocent and pitiful.




C. Dazhen Shi said:After giving birth, her male friend takes care of her for four months (mid-June to mid-October 2018), and the daughter's biological father ignores them」「The daughter's biological father abandoned them for three years (mid-2017 to mid-2020), but  How could she have evidence


1.      July 23, 2018 [The name Karmapa gave to our daughter, the White Elephant Princess] 


2.      August 20, 2018 "Do you know what I want now?  I want it"


3.      October 9, 2018 "In Canada, we look for opportunities and I will kill you.😄


 4. November 11, 2018, "I can't die before I see you, and I wish I could see you soon,  I will also make an auspicious prayer puja for my daughter. I want to have sex with you.”




d.  Dazhen Shi's video is a photo of her and her daughter participating in the Dharma activities held by His Holiness in the United States in 2018.


1.    Dazhen Shi kept chanting, "She was raped to give birth to a daughter and was abandoned. Her daughter has not seen her father for three years since her daughter was born." But her daughter has seen the Karmapa many times in Buddhist activities in 2018, Dazhen  Shi described her painful experience as having nothing to do with the Karmapa.


2.    Dazhen Shi's daughter's birthday


a.    July 23, 2018 [The name the Karmapa gave to our daughter-Princess White Elephant]


b.    Dazhen Shi said that her daughter's birthday is the same day as the Karmapa.


c.     In May 2020, she said, “Daughter is currently a 20-month-old child”



According to Dazhen Shi, "the daughter is 20 months old", her daughter should have been born in mid-June 2018.  However, Dazhen Shi's video shows her and her daughter attending the North American Kagyu Prayer Ceremony in early June 2018.  According to Dazhen Shi, her daughter should still be in her mother's belly at the time!


Why is the time and content of Dazhen Shi's so-called evidence completely different from what she said "to be abandoned after giving birth to a girl"? The story and the evidence contradict each other, and once again prove that all the stories and evidence she said were fabricated by herself.  If she really has a daughter, that boyfriend might be her daughter’s biological father. Wouldn’t it be the couple, Wu Hang-Yee, Jane Huang, the four of them conspired to defraud money? 


Dazhen Shi: "His name and his identity are more than 10 million US dollars."


7. The story told by Dazhen Shi, "She was raped, was persecuted, cursed, forced to jump into the sea, photographed, stalked, assassinated many times unsuccessfully, abused and bullied, and Karmapa wanted to kill her and her daughter, etc.".  If these are not stories that she intends to compile, seek sympathy and deceive others' money in the name of "Karmapa".   Going to see a psychologist is more helpful than posting on Facebook.



Many girlfriends

1.    During the dialogue between Wu Hang-Yee and Lodrorinchen, it was mentioned that a nun had returned to secular status because of Karmapa.  Wu: "The words sent by the Karmapa to  her are exactly the same as those sent to me" “Another Nun saw the message I sent, the word Karmapa sent me, the word given to her, the other word to her, exactly the same.” “The third Nun saw me pass her to see what Karmapa said, she was crying to death Karmapa sent the same message to every girl who had a relationship with him. "


2.  Jane Huang:After the news was disclosed, I received many letters from Karmapa's female disciples/female companions on my Facebook, including disciples from China, Hong Kong, and Tibet telling the true experience of long-term deception and play.  Several women showed up after the publication, and they received a message from the Karmapa.  In the content of the message, the Karmapa confessed that the Skype call recording was true on the one hand, and on the other hand slandered Jane Huang as a mental patient, in order to disinfect the scandal and appease the girls.  For many years, the Karmapa has used this slander to deal with his girlfriend who is not in harmony with him. With the secret of the relationship between the two and the ignorance of the outside world, the female victim was labeled as "mentally ill" and made up many things.  Words of absurd renunciation have allowed long-term impunity, leaving the victimized women alone to be attacked and trampled by believers.  The following is a group message sent by the Karmapa. In order to protect the privacy and autonomy of many female victims, the screenshots hide the account heads and other data of the victims.



3.    Dazhen Shi: " This is the criminal evidence that Karmapa deceived and played with two nuns at the same time. The following is a screenshot of Karmapa using Line's fat bird account to contact me and Wu Hang-Yee at the same time. ''

4.  Dazhen Shi:The Karmapa not only played with two nuns at the same time, but also lied that when he came to visit us in Canada, he cheeked up and invited Jane Huang. As of now, there is enough evidence to prove that the Karmapa and three different women maintain a special sexual relationship.


Wu Hang-Yee, Jane Huang, and Dazhen Shi’s so-called Karmapa account for sending messages is a fake Karmapa Line account for a fat bird with the Thai name "กาก scum" set up by Wu Hang-Yee.  They used the fake account to write the messages and create fake audio.  They deliberately said that Karmapa sent the same information to the three nuns and many girlfriends , slandering Karmapa and having relations with them.


So Wu said that "the nun was forced to return to secular life, aborted after seven months of pregnancy, and socialized with three nuns at the same time..." , Jane Huang said that “ Several women showed up after the publication, and they received a message from the Karmapa. ” and Dazhen Shi claimed that "she was raped in the retreat room and then gave birth to a daughter. Karmapa was interacting with two nuns and Jane Huang at the same time.” All these allegations are sufficient to prove that Wu Hang-Yee , Dazhen Shi, Jane Huang, and the three of them conspired to plan this fraudulent scheme, embezzle Kanzeo Yeshe's photo account information, falsify the account and fake audio, and slander Karmapa to interact with the three of them at the same time.




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